Live in Chatham-Kent

RECEs who live and work in Chatham-Kent have the best of both worlds.

RECEs who grow up in Chatham-Kent already know why we are a welcoming, friendly, safe community to live and work in. A large expanse of rich, abundant land full of friendly, busy communities that offer a variety of housing options and recreational activities, peaceful living and affordability.

New to Chatham-Kent? You’re in for a treat!

Chatham-Kent is a geographically large municipality, containing 23 unique communities, that is bordered by two lakes and enjoys a historical river running through it. CK offers a high quality of life and work-life balance. Below are the top reasons that others choose to call Chatham-Kent home!

  • Proximity to nature, beaches, and lakes

  • Wonderful place to raise a family

  • Affordable housing

  • Great community spirit

  • Home to “Canada’s Top 100 Employers”

  • Inexpensive for business start-ups

  • Thriving arts, culture, and entertainment scene

  • Accessible shopping, healthcare, and education

  • Stress free commutes – average of 15 minutes to work

  • Close to larger centres – One hour to the U.S. and 2.5 hours to the GTA

My work is heartwork … and so much more.

I love living in Chatham-Kent because of the small town atmosphere. Everything is here and it’s close by.

Quote from Chatham-Kent RECE

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Chatham-Kent is an ideal community to grow up, raise a family, and enjoy into your retirement. With many amenities, services, and activities for people of all ages, living in Chatham-Kent is a choice.

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A bilingual Early Years Educator,
Sylvie shares her story of raising a family in CK.
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