Living in CK

RECEs who live and work in CK have the best of both worlds.

RECEs who grow up in Chatham-Kent already know why we are a welcoming, friendly, safe community to live and work in. A large expanse of rich, abundant land full of friendly, busy communities that offer a variety of housing options and recreational activities, peaceful living and affordability.

New to Chatham-Kent? You’re in for a treat!

Chatham-Kent is a geographically large municipality, containing 23 unique communities, that is bordered by two lakes and enjoys a historical river running through it. CK offers a high quality of life and work-life balance. Below are the top reasons that others choose to call Chatham-Kent home!

  • Proximity to nature, beaches, and lakes

  • Wonderful place to raise a family

  • Affordable housing

  • Great community spirit

  • Home to “Canada’s Top 100 Employers”

  • Inexpensive for business start-ups

  • Thriving arts, culture, and entertainment scene

  • Accessible shopping, healthcare, and education

  • Stress free commutes – average of 15 minutes to work

  • Close to larger centres – One hour to the U.S. and 2.5 hours to the GTA

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I love living in Chatham-Kent because of the small town atmosphere. Everything is here and it’s close by.
Quote from Chatham-Kent RECE

I was born and raised here and am proud of how CK rallies together when someone needs help. I’ve experienced this first hand and am amazed by the generous people here.
Quote from Chatham-Kent RECE


A bilingual Early Years Educator, 
Sylvie shares her story of raising a family in CK.

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