Become a Registered Early Childhood Educator

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The ECE program aims to equip learners of all ages to:

  • Be inspired to explore careers in Early Childhood Education
  • Discover the skills they need to prepare for an awesome future
  • Earn a badge while they learn about real-world careers in ECE


It’s big news! As reported by:

Become a Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE)

Education and training to become an RECE is available from various universities and colleges. For example, St. Clair College in Chatham offers the Early Childhood Education diploma program. The college also works with local employers to get you an ECE work placement and offers the Work Study Program to gain additional work experience.

To learn more about what you will learn in Early Childhood Education Courses and which colleges offer RECE training, go to the Ontario Colleges website.

You can apply for financial assistance to help cover costs:

Applying for Grants

Watch this YouTube video for assistance in applying for these grants:

My work is heartwork … and so much more.

My work…I believe helping a child have a happy heart is important. This means practicing compassion, resilience and gratitude so they are more likely to grow up as confident, happy adults.

Quote from Chatham-Kent RECE

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