Work in Chatham-Kent

Registered Early Childhood Educators are in high demand in Chatham-Kent.

Chatham-Kent is respected for the holistic ideals that are at the centre of how we manage our child care centres.

Career support is outstanding in Chatham-Kent.

Chatham-Kent Heartwork offers support, engagement and professional learning opportunities for the RECE professionals in the community. As an RECE in Chatham-Kent, you will learn that children are not a distraction from your work…they are your work.

The need for RECEs is growing in Chatham-Kent! You will be in demand!

At present there are over 30 openings for RECEs in Chatham-Kent and that number is expected to grow as more child care centres are opened in the next few years.


Childcare Locations in Chatham-Kent

As an RECE, you can choose to work in a variety of settings:

  • Early Childhood Educator in a child care centre
  • Developmental Support Worker at Linck
  • Educational Assistant with a local school board 
  • Child Care Supervisor
  • EarlyON Director
  • Licensed Child Care Operator with a home daycare

With further training and education, you can pursue a career in: 

  • Early Literacy
  • Special Needs
  • Policy Development

Chatham-Kent pays a higher RECE wage than many other communities!

You will enjoy a higher income from a job you love when you work in Chatham-Kent. We offer a $2 per hour premium to work in our community. Our RECEs earn $22-$24 per hour for a career that they love.

Find your RECE job in Chatham!

My work is heartwork … and so much more.

Growing Together is a positive environment that supports RECEs to be the best we can be. Coming to work is fun and my co-workers have become like family to me. I feel supported and know I am a valued part of the team.

Quote from Chatham-Kent RECE

My work is heartwork … and so much more.

Our leaders make me a better educator.

Quote from Chatham-Kent RECE

My work is heartwork … and so much more.

Feeling like I belong and knowing that my job is valued and secure in Chatham-Kent is important to me.

Quote from Chatham-Kent RECE

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